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4th Grade – Mrs. Jane Wilkinson

Professional Bio

Jane Wilkinson believes that Our Lady of Fatima strives for academic excellence in a fun-filled, caring environment. Mrs. Wilkinson is beginning her 19th year of teaching. Other employment experiences have included corporate marketing for a large transportation company, real estate management, and administrative responsibilities at the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory. Mrs. Wilkinson is certified in elementary and special education K-12 with an endorsement in mathematics.  Professionally, she is a member of the National Catholic Educators Association and the National Reading Association.


Educational Philosophy

Mrs. Wilkinson believes that teachers, in partnership with parents, administrators, and the community, are responsible for preparing children academically, socially, and spiritually to become independent and contributing future adults. Teachers need to assess children in the present moment, envision the future, and utilize intuitive and research-based teaching applications and strategies to maximize each child’s potential growth. The well-being of the students always comes first.


Goals for Fourth Grade

  • To fill each day with well planned activities so as to maximize the intellectual, emotional, and spiritual growth and well-being of each individual student.


  • To build skills that challenge students to apply, analyze, and integrate knowledge in order to evaluate information.
  1. Religion – Students will participate in the prayer, worship, and spiritual life of the Catholic Church and its teachings, including the study of scripture, church history, catechism, faith formation, and stewardship.
  2. Language Arts and Reading – Students should be able to read and comprehend a variety of texts and genres at or above grade level utilizing writing and literacy strategies and techniques to show competency in acquiring knowledge, communicating that knowledge, and presenting that knowledge to others.
  3. Mathematics – Students will use multi-digit addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division algorithms to solve a variety of equations and word problems. They should be able to predict outcomes and apply data collection, organization, and presentation. Appropriate strategies will be applied to simple algebra expressions and equations. Geometry skills will include identification and manipulation of geometric figures and measurement of perimeter and area. Additionally, appropriate math terminology and units of measure will accompany lessons.
  4. Science – Students apply the scientific method and processes to observe, experiment, predict, and evaluate various investigations within the disciplines of life, earth, and physical science. The properties, structures, and processes of living and nonliving things on Earth will be explored. Data analysis will include appropriate vocabulary and mathematical calculations.
  5. Social Studies – Emphasis is placed on the people, cultural diversity, and regional geography of New Mexico. Additionally, the geographical regions of the rest of the United States are explored to compare how New Mexico shares similarities and differences with the varied regions, including topography, ethnicity, race, and culture.


  • To foster independent learning so that students become lifelong learners.