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Middle School – Math Mr. Jim Dillard

As a math teacher, my primary goal is to help each student develop a deeper understanding of mathematical concepts.  Once students begin to understand math, they quickly develop confidence in their abilities, and their math fluency soars. The math curriculum is designed to challenge students and prepare them for the rigors of high school math.

We offer students two curriculum paths to pursue based upon skill level. Our basic curriculum allows students to master applying basic computation skills with integers, decimals and fractions, probability and statistics, measurement conversions, ratios and proportions, as well as investigating two-dimensional geometry. Throughout this program, we help students transition between the concrete subject of arithmetic to more abstract thinking required for algebra and geometry.

Participants of our accelerated curriculum are identified through formal assessments and teacher recommendations. In this program, students cover the basic curriculum during their first two years followed by an Algebra 1 course their final year.

Once a month, students work on the monthly challenges from the Math Counts program. Math Counts challenges students to solve problems which draw upon their math skills as well as problem solving skills. The Math Counts competition program provides students with an opportunity to compete with students from other schools in a regional competition.

At Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School, students soon discover that math is truly fun and something everyone can learn!