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5th Grade – Mrs. Patricia Lincoln


Fifth grade is a formative time in the lives of our students. They want to belong and are very focused on

building relationships. The “Be My Disciples” program provides a balanced approach to religious growth

for 10 and 11 year olds that recognizes their physical characteristics, cognitive and learning skills, and

their family, peer and adult relationships. As a faith community we will cover 6 units during the school

year each of which explores specific faith concepts through scripture, profiles of faith-filled individuals,

guided discussion, meditation and prayer. Each section also includes Catholic Social Teaching that

allows students to connect and apply what they have learned through practice and creative expression.

In addition 5 th graders will have the opportunity to strengthen liturgical practice by participating in the

weekly school Mass and serve as mentors for the younger students in their “buddy class.”

The fifth grade Social Studies curriculum uses the Scott Foresman “Building A Nation” text to guide our

exploration of the development of the United States from early settlement of the Western Hemisphere

through the Civil War and the end of slavery. We will be looking at our country through the lenses of

history, economics, science and technology, geography, culture, citizenship, government and our

national symbols. In addition to hands on and project based learning experiences social studies will

integrate and provide opportunity to practice the skills that we are developing in language arts and

contemplate and discuss practices of slavery and oppression as they relate to Catholic social teaching.

Our wonderful culturally diverse learning community offers a wealth of resources to augment traditional

resources and spark lively discussion and sharing of experiences and traditions.